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It all started when my mum gave me her second hand set of oil paints and brushes.  I was 13. Artist Bio
Artist Bio
    Janet was born into a family that long had the painting spirit.  In her early teens she was the proud recipient of her Mother's oil painting supplies, which she immediately began to experiment with.  
At McGill University Janet pursued a degree in Psychology, but always continued to work on her paintings.  On completion of her undergraduate degree, Janet discovered the profession of art therapy - a combination of art and psychology.  Entrance requirements to the masters program meant that Janet had the opportunity to complete two years of a fine arts degree at Concordia University.  
In 2001, Janet was accepted to do her masters degree in art therapy.  Janet continued her art, eventually writing an arts-based research project examining the artwork she created during her training.  The project closely examined the dual identities of "artist" and "therapist" within Janet, exploring the points of convergence, but also of conflict, and how this process was reflected in her artwork.  
Recently, Janet and her husband moved from Montreal to the remote islands of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Janet has found the Islands to be a place where her artist self and therapist self can grow and thrive.  Janet is currently working at the Islands Women Society counselling children through art and play therapy.  She is also painting.  The two offer balance in her life.
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